FNF vs Mr. Cheese (Among Us)

On a distant planet Among Us, Mr. Cheese again invited Boyfriend to take part in a musical duel, but our hero was not the same as usual. Most likely, due to a long stay in space, he changed and became similar to local aliens. It has one large eye and a barrel-shaped body. From the former BF, only sneakers and a cap remained. Only by these things can he be known.

FNF vs Mr. Cheese (Among Us) mod will be fun, as these two rivals have many friends who came to support them. Mr. Cheese will stand on the left, putting a piece of cheese on his head first, and then an omelet. Boyfriend will be on the right as he takes this spot in every Friday Night Funkin game. Management remains the same, the only thing that will need to get used to the new appearance of the guy. During the battles, musical hits will sound, and this fact will cheer you up even more.

FNF vs Mr. Cheese (Among Us)
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