FNF vs Mermaid Girlfriend

In this Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod, the guy will have to not only play the melody correctly, but also repeat the movements after Mermaid Girlfriend. Dance with the boy to complete the task from Daddy Dearest. The game interface is made in a nautical style, and in the menu you can choose an acting character, music and antagonist.

The task in FNF vs Mermaid Girlfriend game is simple, you need to press the corresponding arrow on your keyboard at the right time to earn points. There is a life bar in the upper corner of the screen. If you often make mistakes and miss the mark, you risk losing and experiencing the anger of your girlfriend's father the hard way. Try to pass the test and not make your beloved dad angry. Crazy beats and rhythmic music are sure to cheer you up.

FNF vs Mermaid Girlfriend
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