FNF vs Mega Mogus

An excellent FNF game in which you have to defeat Mega Mogus in a musical duel, as well as save your beloved from the villain. Corrupted and Remastered versions will be much more difficult, so practice this Friday Night Funkin mod. To be successful, you will need to do your best to ensure that the songs are performed as accurately as possible.

In Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Mega Mogus game, during a musical battle, the whole process will be watched by a Girlfriend who sits at the top, where everything is very clearly visible. To sing correctly, you will need to press the arrows on your keyboard, this will help you sing sounding music tracks. If you don't want to get involved in the battle right away, you can go through the tutorial first, which will be much easier because there is no responsibility here. In a real game, you need to focus as much as possible in order to achieve your goal.

FNF vs Mega Mogus
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