FNF vs Mariah Carey & Lemon Demon

In this Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod, you'll have to fight Mariah Carey and the Lemon Demon who are very good at singing. You will play as a Boyfriend and you will surely face talented opponents whom you have met not for the first time on our site. These singers are, in truth, very good at performing songs, so it will be extremely difficult for you to beat them in a fair fight.

There are three music remixes in FNF vs Mariah Carey & Lemon Demon game. It will be difficult to master them, but you will definitely be able to, so take control of the main character and try to press the keyboard arrows as quickly and accurately as possible. There will be a girl in the middle of the stage listening to all this creative effort. You must complete the task as best you can and defeat your rivals, otherwise the Girlfriend sympathy will evaporate in your favor.

FNF vs Mariah Carey & Lemon Demon
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