FNF vs Lord X

New challenges and tunes await fans of the genre in the third week. If you are already familiar with all the antagonists of the original game, then in this variation we propose to defeat Sonic. The test will not be easy. The crazy rhythm of the melody will not let you get distracted from the computer screen for a minute. Otherwise, you will immediately lose.

Friday Night Funkin (FNF) vs Lord X game is designed for instant reaction of players, because the enemy in this FNF mod will be very fast and merciless. In this exciting game you can spend many minutes in the company of different characters. She has already become popular all over the world, and every day the number of her fans is growing rapidly. A simple arcade game with clear gameplay haunts experienced gamers. After all, only the most dexterous and musical players can pass all the levels. While playing, try to set a record and repeat the rhythm of their song for the first time for the antagonists.

FNF vs Lord X
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