FNF VS Jon (Crimson Carnival)

The scary clown Jon has challenged you to an FNF-style musical battle called Crimson Carnival. Boyfriend and Girlfriend didn't have a very good date. They went to the park, where there were various attractions, and to the circus, where they met their rival. He began to pester the young couple with his unsuccessful jokes, but the guy could not resist and treats the clown rudely. As a result, they started a conflict that can only be resolved through a musical battle. Whoever wins is right in this situation.

FNF VS Jon (Crimson Carnival) game has very dynamic music and an active rival. You must be mobilized to defend your innocence. If you cannot sing the song suggested by the clown, you will lose, and it will be humiliating. He will laugh at you in public and will try to humiliate you as much as possible. You don't want Boyfriend to be humiliated by some villain, so you need to try to perform this piece of music as best you can. Good luck!

FNF VS Jon (Crimson Carnival)
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