FNF vs Jenny Full Week

Super cool Friday Night Funkin (FNF) game in which you have to sing songs on the music stage with Jenny the robot (Corrupted and Remastered mods coming soon). The essence of the game, first of all, is to assimilate the music as much as possible by playing different characters. First of all, you will play a Boyfriend who loves to sing and dance so much. Of course, this whole process is very entertaining, and it is especially important that the little girl sitting on the stage listens to all this.

There are many remixes in FNF vs Jenny Full Week game that will be so interesting for you to sing, although, of course, these songs are very difficult in terms of their usual mastering. The opponents will be different, so you will need to choose who exactly to fight in the musical duel. The main thing is to defeat the robot, which turns out to be stronger than the rest of the rivals. She is a very strong singer with good vocals, so be patient and press the arrow keys.

FNF vs Jenny Full Week
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