FNF VS Jason Voorhees

Incredibly, in this FNF mod, Boyfriend and Girlfriend will meet the legendary Jason Voorhees, who will run after them and rap. This cruel and very dangerous character has not appeared in public for a long time, but he could not stand the loneliness and decided to have some fun.

FNF VS Jason Voorhees mod will be a bit scary and tense, because the most dangerous villain will run after your main characters. He, with a large knife in his hand, wants to catch up with a couple in love walking in a night park. The boyfriend will definitely protect himself and his girlfriend. He skillfully raps and is much younger than his rival. We can watch how our hero will fight for his life with evil itself, because there is simply no other name for Jason Voorhees. You must provide the BF with all the conditions for him to win, and his opponent to return to eternal rest after the defeat.

FNF VS Jason Voorhees
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