FNF vs Impostor (D-Sides)

In FNF vs Impostor (D-Sides) mod, a New Year's musical battle between strong opponents took place. Who will win? There will be a lot of music and fun, as well as competition. If you can rock this event, then next year you are waiting for new adventures! And in case of failure, you will have to leave this cheerful company.

In FNF vs Impostor (D-Sides) mod, you must take part in a rap battle that will take place during the New Year holidays. You have to choose your opponent and arrange a real duel. You will see the field to which the participants will be linked. Take part in the musical battle, where you have to become a musician and soon get the title of the best and most talented. Here you will need to agree to all the tasks that opponents will give you.

FNF vs Impostor (D-Sides)
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