FNF VS Imposter: Getaway

During FNF VS Imposter: Getaway mod, you will not only have to fight off enemy attacks, but also use various abilities to defeat the enemy. Your task is to prevent him from touching your character, and also to prevent him from inflicting damage. The longer you stay in the musical battle, the more points you get. After each battle, you can choose which direction to move on. The game will help you train your reaction and attentiveness.

In FNF VS Imposter: Getaway mod, you have a long way to go to become the winner. After all, the only way you can defeat your main enemy. Tune in to win and win! Incredible adventures and exciting battles with opponents await you in the game. FNF mod invites you to test your strength in a musical battle with the main villain of the game. He is very strong and dangerous. But you can become stronger and defeat him. To do this, you need to become a real master of rap duels. You have the opportunity to train in different styles.

FNF VS Imposter: Getaway
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