FNF VS Horror Sans

Skeleton Sans is back to take part in the FNF rap battle. He plucked up courage and challenged Boyfriend to a musical duel to be held at a night bar. BF did not refuse such an offer and immediately arrived. He is dressed in stylish clothes and has a cool new cap that shows off his long hair.

FNF VS Horror Sans mod will not end on this episode, because the skeleton will want to fight right with you. He will light a candle in a dark room so that his silhouette can be seen, and he will begin to sing a song. One of his eyes will glow brighter than the other, which means that Sans is not in a very good mood. He will quickly pronounce incomprehensible words with his mouth, to which you must respond adequately. If you miss a few flying arrows, then your opponent will be the winner.

FNF VS Horror Sans
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