FNF vs Hoodmonger (Hoodlum Havoc)

In this new FNF vs Hoodmonger (Hoodlum Havoc) mod, you are invited to a musical duel by a dangerous character whose clothes are made of burlap. He also has a large hat on his head, under which he hides a scary face with dark eyes. He has a rifle in his hands, from which he can shoot at his opponent.

FNF vs Hoodmonger (Hoodlum Havoc) mod will take place in an abandoned factory, where there will be a variety of pipes and boxes around. Boyfriend came to the fight with his Girlfriend to feel not alone in this difficult situation. GF, as always, agreed to go with her beloved, because for him she is ready for a lot. In the hands of the BF there is nothing but a microphone, and therefore he is completely defenseless. We can only hope that our hero will win this musical competition and after that the enemy will let him go home. You need to try to catch all the arrows so that victory is on Boyfriend side.

FNF vs Hoodmonger (Hoodlum Havoc)
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