FNF vs Granny

In the highly anticipated new Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod, you will meet the scary and evil character Granny, who also loves to sing and dance. Thanks to the open code of a computer game, anyone can create their own variation on the theme of the original. Many arcade music lovers have done this. Now you can participate in rap battles not only with the main characters, but also with the characters added to the gameplay.

Choose the first or second week for the fight with the enemy in the game menu and start reacting quickly to what is happening. The task in FNF vs Granny game for the gamer is not an easy one, since not everyone can repeat all the sounds of the melody by sequentially pressing the arrows on the keyboard. The compositions for testing are quite rhythmic; it is rhythmic music with an increasing tempo. Try to catch a crazy rhythm! You need to play carefully and quickly so as not to lose your life. You can track your condition and the condition of your opponent on a special scale.

FNF vs Granny
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