FNF vs Gorefield (Garfield Gameboy'd/Creepypasta)

In this part of Friday Night Funkin (FNF), you will meet Gorefield, who was originally Garfield the cat, but for some reason turned into a werewolf-like monster. The beginning of the game was calm and friendly, but towards the middle the cat began to turn into a huge and scary monster. Boyfriend was not at all frightened and continued to carry out his mission, without giving any form to his rival.

In FNF vs Gorefield (Garfield Gameboy'd/Creepypasta) game you will see a friend of our protagonist, who will simply stand aside and watch what is happening. He will have a rifle in his hands, which he took with him to a musical duel for a reason. Most likely, he knew that there could be problems with the enemy and he could turn into a dangerous giant. If you sing correctly and do not make mistakes, then nothing bad will happen to Boyfriend. But if the song is not sung according to the rules, then our hero will be able to suffer greatly and even die. Try not to make mistakes and press the arrow keys in time.

FNF vs Gorefield (Garfield Gameboy'd/Creepypasta)
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