FNF vs Goku (Saiyan Courage)

In FNF vs Goku (Saiyan Courage) mod you will find a musical battle with an oriental warrior who is determined to win and will stop at nothing. The game has several levels where you can show your skills in battle. FNF mod is dynamic and fun, and also good for spending time with friends. After starting the game, a control window will appear in front of you, in which various elements will be located.

The enemy in FNF vs Goku (Saiyan Courage) mod will be a real oriental warrior, who is famous for his strength and dexterity. In this mod, you can choose one of the sides and fight with it. Play and win! To do this, you need to use all possible musical techniques and bits. Each correct hit will earn you one point in your favor.

FNF vs Goku (Saiyan Courage)
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