FNF vs Glitched Pibby SpongeBob

Heroes of popular computer games throw down another challenge to the rapper guy. In FNF vs Glitched Pibby SpongeBob game you have to fight in a musical duel with a character from a famous cartoon. Click on all arrows passing through the top panel in time to defeat the enemy. The state of your hero and his opponent can be seen on the lower scale. Don't miss notes, don't let the enemy icon push you out of the battle!

This Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod with new features and musical battle with Glitched Pibby and Corrupted SpongeBob will impress fans of the original game. Additional challenges with new heroes can be found in Freemode or during the second week of the story. If you want to go directly to a level added to the game, find the desired character in the list of tunes and start the battle. Fun entertainment awaits you that everyone, without exception, will like.

FNF vs Glitched Pibby SpongeBob
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