FNF vs Girlfriend.EXE (The Vivian Plague)

In this Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod, our GF, after being bitten by a zombie, turned into Girlfriend.EXE, with whom you have to fight in a rap battle. This terrible event happened during a walk through the forest, when a couple of lovers wandered deep into the depths. They were attacked by zombies and accidentally bit the girl on the hand. Over time, she became ill and she turned into a real monster.

In FNF vs Girlfriend.EXE (The Vivian Plague) game, in order for the zombie GF to turn into a normal person, you need to win a musical duel. This duel will be held under the control of a friend of the BF, who will hold a pistol in his hands. If GF decides to attack Boyfriend, then she will have to be destroyed. Your task is to sing as cool a song as possible in order to quickly rid the girl of this curse. How will a guy live if his girlfriend dies? Therefore, much will depend on you and your ability to control the hero in this game. The sooner you cope with this difficult task, the sooner the new part of FNF will be released.

FNF vs Girlfriend.EXE (The Vivian Plague)
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