FNF vs Feels (Feelin’ Good)

In the new bright FNF vs Feels (Feelin’ Good) mod, Rabbit and Boyfriend will fight in a rap battle. This competition will take place in a marvelous place, where there will be many spectators with a fabulous appearance. Your mission is to catch all the arrows that fly from the right side of the screen so that your main character can sing the song professionally. Visually, it will differ from previous versions, but its principles and concepts have not changed.

FNF vs Feels (Feelin’ Good) mod is single-level, but this does not mean that it will be boring and not worth playing. Rabbit will be very cool to rap, and his fans will look at him with surprise and applaud. It will be difficult for a Boyfriend to compete with this character, knowing that he has a huge support. Become a BF fan and support him in this FNF rap battle so he doesn't doubt his abilities as a rapper.

FNF vs Feels (Feelin’ Good)
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