FNF vs Dr.Andonuts Week

In FNF vs Dr.Andonuts Week mod you will face a crazy professor who invents all kinds of monsters in his dark laboratory. He chose to win the musical battle with Boyfriend because he enjoys being the authority anytime, anywhere. In Friday Night Funkin Dr.Andonuts has come to destroy our protagonist and become the master of the music arena.

FNF vs Dr.Andonuts Week mod will be challenging, but at the same time fun, because you will definitely like the musical composition that will sound. The dynamic movements of this character will look funny and clumsy, because he is a bit old compared to BF. Due to the fact that he went crazy, the professor decided that he still had his whole life ahead of him and he could conquer the music scene. You need to be careful with this enemy, because he is very cunning and dangerous. We cannot know what evil plans he hatched in his head.

FNF vs Dr.Andonuts Week
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