FNF vs Donald Duck

In FNF vs Donald Duck mod, you will be able to see many characters from the world of Disney. Here, Boyfriend's opponent will be Donald Duck, who wanted to defeat our main character in a street rap battle. He knows how to sing, dance, and therefore hopes that this will be enough to win this competition.

FNF vs Donald Duck mod is divided into two levels, in which the participants will be the same, but the conditions will change and become more difficult. In the second round, his friends will come to support Donald, who, by their presence, can distract Boyfriend from proper singing. You must control this moment in the game so that the main character does not lose confidence in victory and is not distracted by prying eyes. You need to accurately hit the arrows that will fall from top to bottom by pressing certain keys. If your fingers get tangled and you miss the right button, then your main character will lose.

FNF vs Donald Duck
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