FNF vs Crystal 2.1

This is a great FNF vs Crystal 2.1 mod with all crystal style characters. The boyfriend will rap as usual, but his appearance will be chic and expensive. Instead of hair, there will be a large crystal on the head, which attracts the attention of others very much.

FNF vs Crystal 2.1 mod has gained immense popularity thanks to the beautiful main characters who will have to fight in musical duels with tough opponents. New music will be used, to which all the characters will sing and dance with great passion. The audience loves bright singers, so all the participants in this FNF mod are depicted very high quality and stylish. You need to click on the buttons to catch all the arrows on the screen. The main character is controlled by only four buttons, but this does not mean that it will be easy to defeat the enemy. The rapid movement of the arrows will not let you relax even for a second!

FNF vs Crystal 2.1
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