FNF vs Crazy Dave (Plants vs Zombie)

In the new FNF mod, your opponent will be Crazy Dave from the game Plants vs Zombie, who has put a pot on his head and is trying to defeat Boyfriend. Of course, he is not the strongest opponent, but it will be fun to compete with such a character. His talent in rap performance is noticeably inferior to our main character, but still you should not relax.

FNF vs Crazy Dave (Plants vs Zombie) game will have only one mode, during which you will need to read high-quality rap to amazing music. You need to catch all the colorful flying arrows that will be responsible for pronouncing the sounds of your main character. Boyfriend will look at the opponent with a smirk and slightly brag about his talent. You can support this young man to win the musical battle faster.

FNF vs Crazy Dave (Plants vs Zombie)
Play FNF vs Crazy Dave (Plants vs Zombie)

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