FNF vs Cereal Killer v2

In the new and very cool FNF vs Cereal Killer v2 mod, you will fight against Lord X, Sunky and Majin Sonic, who will focus on destroying Boyfriend. This will be a real test for our main character, because these rivals are very strong in rap battles.

FNF vs Cereal Killer v2 mod involves three strong opponents, who, to a cool musical composition, begin to demonstrate their skills and abilities to the audience. BF needs to be prepared for any unexpected turn of events in order not to be defeated. Since our protagonist has incredible experience in rap battles, we can rely on him. Your participation in FNF mod will be a big plus for Boyfriend's victory, as you can help him catch all the flying arrows faster. When all the musical notes sound and the slider with the life indicator is on the left side of the screen, then our hero will win.

FNF vs Cereal Killer v2
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