FNF vs Baymax (Big Hero Funkin)

In this new FNF vs Baymax (Big Hero Funkin) mod there will be a friendly musical duel with an unusual medical robot that saves humanity. It is large, white in color and inflatable like a balloon, so it is light and can fly. To help the victim, he usually arrives in a special superhero costume that accelerates him to supersonic speeds.

FNF vs Baymax (Big Hero Funkin) mod will consist of several stages, which will take place in different interesting and unusual places. In one of the episodes, Boyfriend and his friend will fly into space to help another patient of the Baymax robot. They will race at high speed and rap at the same time. Isn't it great when friends are so close-knit and talented?

In the next round of Friday Night Funkin vs Baymax (Big Hero Funkin) mod, these two guys will go on a long journey, but the robot will already be dressed in a superhero costume. The music in the game will be fantastic and you won't have to worry too much about your main character. He will be next to his friend and the whole battle will be easy. Have a nice game!

FNF vs Baymax (Big Hero Funkin)
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