FNF vs Apple Cat (Joans)

In this FNF vs Apple Cat (Joans) mod, we will meet a new opponent who looks a bit strange as he will be wearing a fruit suit throughout the battle. His goal is to defeat our protagonist Friday Night Funkin and become the rapper champion. This will be a difficult task for him, because Boyfriend fought opponents much stronger and more dangerous.

FNF vs Apple Cat (Joans) game will consist of only one episode, during which the BF will have to show all his talent. You need to carefully listen to the rhythm of the melody so that during the gameplay it is easier to navigate using the arrow keys. In the background of the game screen, you can see Imposter from Among Us watching this competition. Perhaps in this way he wants to study the Boyfriend in order to become the winner in the next battle.

FNF vs Apple Cat (Joans)
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