FNF vs Antipathy V1

The new Friday Night Funkin vs Antipathy V1 mod features villains Hank and Tricky who will act aggressively throughout the musical battle. They will brandish long, heavy objects in an attempt to scare their opponent during competition.

FNF vs Antipathy V1 mod will take place in different locations (on the roof of the train, in a dark alley, in a creepy damp basement) with very dangerous hooligans. Looking at the scary face of Hank, you can get scared and run away from an opponent, but our hero is brave and will never do such a thing. Tricky the Clown also looks disgusting, especially when he's angry. You must contribute to the victory of the Boyfriend, because alone it will be difficult for him to fight such monsters. His beloved Girlfriend will be next to him to support the guy in difficult times.

FNF vs Antipathy V1
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