FNF vs Antipathy Hank v1

An incredible FNF musical battle between Hank and rapper Boyfriend awaits. They will powerfully fight for the title of the best singer, not sparing their own strength and nerves. All actions will take place in gloomy rooms, where cold and dampness will be felt.

In FNF vs Antipathy Hank v1 mod, you will hear a lot of depressing music that will inspire fear and anger at the same time. You must increase the attack on your opponent, because Hank will violently crush the BF with his devilish scream. Your hero is not as simple as it seems at first glance. He is confident in his abilities and this always helps him to achieve victory over the enemy. Purposefulness and self-confidence is a positive trait of a Boyfriend. He managed to prove in many FNF mods that even the most dangerous monsters cannot defeat him. Help this guy hit all the musical notes to become the best of the best rappers.

FNF vs Antipathy Hank v1
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