FNF Vocal Catastrophe (Sonic Identity Crisis)

In the new music FNF Vocal Catastrophe (Sonic Identity Crisis) mod, the hedgehog and his friends will face new enemies. This is a continuation of the famous game Sonic the Hedgehog, where you have to save the world again from the evil Eggman and his army of robots. This time they decide to help one of their buddies, a hedgehog named Tails. He was in the clutches of the villain and is now in a very difficult situation. Help hedgehogs cope with this problem! To do this, you will need the help of friends.

In FNF Vocal Catastrophe mod, join Sonic and his friends to explore the world together and fight against enemies! The battle takes place in a vast and beautiful world filled with various traps and dangers. This world is inhabited by many dangerous robots, and they seek to destroy your main character. But if you play this game, you can help Sonic the Hedgehog pass all the tests and become a real hero. To do this, you just need to carefully follow and complete all the tasks.

FNF Vocal Catastrophe (Sonic Identity Crisis)
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