FNF Versiculus Iratus

In the new FNF Versiculus Iratus mod, there will be a musical battle between good and evil, where you can see many participants from both sides. The most famous characters participate, which will change after each short vocal number. Your game side is on the right, where you will control different rappers during the competition. You need to carefully respond to each sound of the melody so as not to miss the flying musical note.

FNF Versiculus Iratus mod will begin with the performance of Mickey Mouse, who was captured by the devil and chained to the floor with huge metal chains. Further along the course of the game, you will see many characters who have become victims of evil spirits. You must fight the dark side to free all these innocent rappers. There is only one way to free them - you need to win this game. Good luck!

FNF Versiculus Iratus
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