FNF Untitled Goose Mod

This FNF Untitled Goose Mod will really pleasantly surprise you, because Boyfriend has never had such a funny opponent. Our young couple reached the village and went to the farm to see the animals and birds. But in this FNF game, the unexpected happened because BF wanted to try rapping with goose, who was wandering around the neighborhood alone.

FNF Untitled Goose Mod will be very fun and intense, it will be especially funny when a bird steals a hat from our main character during a musical fight. You will need to follow him around the farm to get the hat back. During the chase, they will sing a song to the tune they prepared for this episode. The arrows on the screen will fly from the bottom up at lightning speed, and you need to catch them all, because you can not let the goose defeat the famous rapper. If this happens, it will be a great shame. Don't let our BF down so he can return home to his friends in victory.

FNF Untitled Goose Mod
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