FNF Universe vs Girlfriend

In this mod, our heroine Girlfriend (GF) from the FNF Universe will save Boyfriend (BF) by taking on Whitty, Tricky, Matt and Garcello in a musical battle. These bad guys kidnapped her beloved man and made a condition that they would let him go only after the girl sings with them. Unfortunately, she had no other options, and she agreed to go on stage with them.

FNF Universe vs Girlfriend game will be incredibly difficult for new players, but it is still possible to become a winner. You need to practice well before the start of serious competitions in order to maximize your singing skills. The girl usually acted as a listener, but this time everything has changed dramatically and she will have to be in the role of the main character and savior. Don't let her down and try to complete all the levels perfectly. Good luck.

FNF Universe vs Girlfriend
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