FNF Undying Phoenix (Sonic.EXE)

In FNF Undying Phoenix (Sonic.EXE) mod you will find a musical battle with the participation of Xanthus, Majin Sonic and Lord X. After passing all the levels, you will find out which of them is the strongest. To win, you need to be fast and accurate. The game is very dynamic and intense. You will have to not only sing, but also do it at speed. To win, you need to score as many points as possible.

At the beginning of FNF Undying Phoenix (Sonic.EXE) mod you have to choose one of your opponents and go to the world of musical duel. As you progress through the levels, you will need to fight enemies who are very talented rappers. But do not forget that at the end of each level you will have a bonus in the form of earned points.

FNF Undying Phoenix (Sonic.EXE)
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