FNF Threefolding Knockout

The new dynamic FNF Threefolding Knockout mod will feature music competitions featuring Cuphead.exe, his girlfriend, and protagonist Boyfriend. The plot here will be unusual, because at the very beginning of the game Cuphead will be beaten so hard that his head will crack. His companion, apparently, also got into an unpleasant situation, because she also had injuries.

Friday Night Funkin Threefolding Knockout game consists of several stages in which Cuphead will change his appearance and his essence. In the final rounds, your opponent will turn into an evil and scary monster .exe, which will become a threat to the BF. Our protagonist expected such a turn of events, so he was not at all surprised. During his musical career, he saw many rivals who were not always friendly. Enjoy music tracks as you play and aim for victory.

FNF Threefolding Knockout
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