FNF Thomas' Railway Showdown

Friday Night Funkin' fans, prepare to hop aboard Thomas the Tank Engine's world with the new FNF mod, Thomas' Railway Showdown. This online mod, created by a talented team of artists, coders, composers, and voice actors, adds a creepy twist to the classic British children's series.

FNF Thomas' Railway Showdown
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Creepy Train Rides and More

FNF Thomas' Railway Showdown offers players more than a dozen new songs with custom sprites and mid-song events that make for a unique and thrilling experience. The creepy vibe of the mod is evident from the start, with its eerie train rides and haunted landscapes. Players can expect a variety of challenges as they make their way through this spooky world, including challenging rap battles with Thomas and his friends.

A Collaborative Effort

The mod was made possible by the contributions of many talented individuals. ChrisGenius17 directed the project, while Tyler the Eevee served as co-director. Domenic, SE2607, Markson, Classy, and Bendblox provided the coding expertise, while Komi-Omi, Alex, Raf, Sketchy, Chunko, Random Artist, SpaceBoid, CybbruhRad, Silasroulax, Dasher, and Xpider handled the artistic side of things.

The mod's composers include Jack in a sack, Mayc, DuckOutOfLuck, StimStam, Rando, ThomasOJ07, JackOrange, and Practical. Charter duties were handled by Juan and Practical, while Eucalypt tested the mod for bugs and glitches. Finally, TheTrainNerd, Salty01, Jude, and Knap lent their voices to bring the characters to life.

Easy Access

One of the best things about this mod is that it can be played in your browser without needing to download any files. This makes it easy for players to jump right in and start enjoying the experience.

In conclusion, FNF Thomas' Railway Showdown is a must-try mod for any Friday Night Funkin' fan who is looking for a creepy and unique experience. With its impressive artwork, catchy tunes, and challenging gameplay, this mod will keep you hooked for hours on end. So, hop aboard Thomas' world and get ready for a spooky ride!

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