FNF Thanatophobia (Girlfriend Dies)

In the new FNF Thanatophobia (Girlfriend Dies) mod, two famous rappers Pico and Evil BF will fight in a musical battle at the professional level. It's not the first time they've met, but Boyfriend has always won every fight. This time we will see who will take the lead in this Friday Night Funkin game.

FNF Thanatophobia (Girlfriend Dies) mod will be a little sad, as GF will be lying behind the participants, not breathing. Most likely, the rival of our protagonist harmed her, taking revenge on BF for past defeats. You need to punish this bully this time too, so that he will never again claim the place of the best singer. Catch the arrows that will move to the beat of the music. The more you catch them, the more chances you have to win.

FNF Thanatophobia (Girlfriend Dies)
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