FNF Suspai

In this FNF mod in drawing class, Suspai and Ms. Nagatoro decide to have a musical battle so as not to get bored during the lesson. They were given the task of painting a portrait of Miss Nagatoro, and for this she had to sit still and not move. Being a model is a very difficult profession, because for this you need to have incredible perseverance and patience. Since Suspai and his art model are still very young and have a lot of energy, sitting in one place for several hours is not realistic.

The action of FNF Suspai mod will take place in one room with a very cheerful melody, so no one will be bored. Our artist, with a brush in hand, will paint a portrait and sing at the same time, alternating with his model Miss Nagatoro. Who will be the winner in this competition will depend only on you. If you miss a few arrows, then it is clear that the enemy will win. You need to carefully listen to the musical composition in order to press the right buttons in time.

FNF Suspai
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