FNF Super Idol vs Girlfriend

In Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod, you enter a battle with a rival Super Idol, but this time you can control both Girlfriend and Boyfriend. This is not the Corrupted or Remastered version, here you have to grab the mic and start putting on a great show as soon as the music starts playing.

In FNF Super Idol vs Girlfriend game, you have the opportunity to take part in training, because it will definitely allow you to better learn how to play music tracks. Do not forget that taking part in musical battles will be much more interesting than just training. It will be attended by real rivals with whom you will have an incredible battle. Here you can choose the opponent that you like the most and try to defeat him, even if it will be extremely difficult, but you will definitely do it. All this music will be heard by the whole world, so before the performance you need to prepare well so as not to embarrass yourself.

FNF Super Idol vs Girlfriend
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