FNF Suicide Mouse vs Bendy

Now you have a unique opportunity to have fun with the FNF mod, in which the main characters Suicide Mouse and Bendy will actively sing and dance. You can also play a guy who wants to date his girlfriend. But her strict dad is against it, and her mother also supports this ban. You will have to prove your love for your daughter not in words, but with the help of music.

The gameplay in Friday Night Funkin (FNF) Suicide Mouse vs Bendy game consists of many challenging levels. Various opponents will join you in musical battles trying to take first place. Only attentiveness and reaction speed will help the gamer defeat all enemies in this FNF mod. Click the arrows to follow your opponent's rhythm and win the battle between agility and musicality.

FNF Suicide Mouse vs Bendy
Play FNF Suicide Mouse vs Bendy

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