FNF Stranger Funks

In this new FNF Stranger Funks mod, you will lead a musical battle against the terrible monsters that have come to Friday Night Funkin from another world. You have no choice but to destroy these aliens so that you can sleep peacefully later.

In FNF Stranger Funks mod, the opponents will turn out to be very worthy and experienced in vocals, so the game will be intense throughout its time. They will create inhuman sounds that are a bit intimidating with their bass content. You need to pull yourself together and do everything possible to make Boyfriend a winner. In Friday Night Funkin Stranger Funks mod, you will face several monsters in different scary places. You will feel the fierce resistance of the enemy in the room when the monster tries to break through the wall. You need to deftly catch arrows so that all opponents lose.

FNF Stranger Funks
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