FNF: Squidward Funkin' Bad Day

FNF: Squidward Funkin' Bad Day brings to life the legendary lost mod based on the spine-chilling Red Mist creepypasta, resurrecting Squidward's Bad Day in a truly immersive online experience. This fan-made revival project goes above and beyond, faithfully recreating the mod's eerie atmosphere and intense gameplay. Immerse yourself in 10 meticulously crafted songs, perfectly capturing the essence of the original mod.

FNF: Squidward Funkin' Bad Day
Play FNF: Squidward Funkin' Bad Day

Engage in a rhythmic showdown as you navigate through the haunting world of Squidward, facing off against challenging opponents in a bid to conquer the dark melodies. Prepare for an unforgettable journey filled with suspense, skill, and nostalgia as you unravel the mysteries of Squidward's Bad Day in FNF: Squidward Funkin' Bad Day.

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