FNF: Spooky's Saturday Scare

In the new FNF: Spooky's Saturday Scare mod, your task is to use the buttons on the keyboard to control the character who will sing. The game has several levels, each with new opponents and new challenges. Each of them has their own abilities that must be taken into account during musical combat. But it's not as easy as it might seem at first glance. After all, in order to achieve your goal, you will need to go through many trials. All of them will be very difficult, and in order to pass them, you will have to show all your vocal abilities.

In FNF: Spooky's Saturday Scare mod, you will be able to use many different skills that will help you pass the tests and defeat your enemy. You can choose for yourself any of the three difficulty levels to fight with your opponents. You will have the opportunity to open different endings of the game, each of which will be different from the previous one. But do not relax, because the enemy is also on the alert and is always ready for battle.

FNF: Spooky's Saturday Scare
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