FNF Sonic's Rhythm Rush

An interesting Friday Night Funkin Sonic's Rhythm Rush mod in which you will compete with tough rivals in the music ring for the title of the best rap artist. Here, the role of the main character will be played by Sonic the Hedgehog, who will take on the entire blow of the opponents.

FNF Sonic's Rhythm Rush mod will be interesting and very difficult, and the participants are quite experienced and serious about winning. You will not be able to relax for a second, because at any moment you will have to expect unpredictable resistance. Here, each character plays only for his victory and no one spares anyone, so hold on. Sonic will be in his normal form without any transformations and mutations, so he does not have a maximum amount of power and you will need to help him in battle. Of course, he can do it himself, but with a partner it is much easier to defeat the enemy.

FNF Sonic's Rhythm Rush
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