FNF Skooled [SWAG-ON]

The tough guys in FNF Skooled [SWAG-ON] mod will fight in front of the same extraordinary girl for the title of the best rapper in the middle category. You will be pleasantly surprised by the colorful pictures and musical compositions that the developers have implemented in this Friday Night Funkin mod. The guy on the left wears large headphones around his neck, in which he constantly plays rap. He is a fan of this category, and therefore he himself decided to follow the rails of this musical direction. His opponent on the right, always armed with an Uzi pistol, is ready to take on any challenge so as not to get bored doing nothing. The girl sitting on the music player is also not a miss, because in her hand is a knife, which she will swing while watching the battle of these two guys.

FNF Skooled [SWAG-ON] mod will be very dynamic, so sometimes it will seem to you that you are not participating in a music competition, but in an armed showdown of bandits. Guy Pico, located in the right corner of the fighting ring, must catch all the arrows so that you remain the champion in this serious fight. If he misses a few times, then you will be morally trampled by a rapper with purple hair. Play correctly and don't expect mercy from your opponent.

FNF Skooled [SWAG-ON]
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