FNF Sanic Funkin' V1

In FNF Sanic Funkin' V1 mod, you will find a battle between the BF and his rival the hedgehog Sanic, who is part of the team along with Tails. During this fight, the best vocalist among the participants will be determined. The battle of two vocalists, in which the strongest will win, can take place in several modes. Fight in the "Battle" mode. In this mode, two vocalists fight, but in order to win, they need to score the most points. This is the easiest mode and all vocalists participate in it.

FNF Sanic Funkin' V1 mod will begin with the vocalists making one exit to the microphone. The game uses 2D gameplay in which we can use different tricks and combinations to achieve victory. In order to win the battle, we need to score more points than the enemy.

FNF Sanic Funkin' V1
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