FNF Papa’s Funkeria

In FNF Papa’s Funkeria mod, there will be a musical battle between Boyfriend and a famous chef outside a pizzeria in the presence of many spectators. BF and GF came to the cafe to eat pizza and take a break from a hard day's work. The guy uncontrollably began to sing one famous song for his girlfriend. Many liked his performance, but then the Papa appeared. He also wanted to draw a lot of attention to himself, so he put himself forward as a candidate for the competition. The boyfriend never refuses such offers to anyone, so the musical duel took place.

Friday Night Funkin Papa’s Funkeria mod will be fun with very famous characters and amazing musical compositions. As usual, you will need to control the arrows moving up the monitor. If you miss a certain number of moving elements, then your main character may lose. Good luck!

FNF Papa’s Funkeria
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