FNF OG Sonic.EXE (real) Joke Mod

In the new FNF OG Sonic.EXE (real) Joke Mod, Boyfriend will again fight in a musical battle with a demonic hedgehog, where the head of the fox Tails.EXE will act as a spectator. This rap battle will be very tough, as all rivals are determined to fight until the final victory. A spectator who watches this competition will most likely no longer be able to take part, because his condition at the moment is not the best. He can only hang in the center of the room on a red thread and look at Sonic.EXE and BF.

FNF OG Sonic.EXE (real) Joke Mod is single-level, but the emotions that it can give you definitely cannot be compared with other games of this genre. Your main character will say notes with an angry face and throw a microphone at his opponent. Sonic.EXE, with huge black eyes filled with hatred for his enemy, will pour out all his fury into the rap song you are about to hear. Catch all the arrows to make your hero the winner!

FNF OG Sonic.EXE (real) Joke Mod
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