FNF Nightmare Tabi

In this new FNF mod, a real nightmare awaits you, because Tabi called Boyfriend to hell, where hot molten lava flows around and fire blazes around. They decided to arrange a musical battle there, but what is happening around will greatly distract our hero. Imagine how uncomfortable it can be if you really get into such a terrible and dangerous place. The boyfriend is ready to endure any test, if only the parents of his girlfriend would allow them to get married.

FNF Nightmare Tabi mod will be very hot, because the surrounding background alone is already beginning to create a feeling of anxiety and danger. BF will use the last of his strength to fight the insidious Tabi so that he loses and stays in this terrible place forever. If the rival manages to win the competition, then the guy will never meet his beloved again. Quickly press the arrow keys to make all the moving elements burn to the ground with Boyfriend's professional singing.

FNF Nightmare Tabi
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