FNF Monika sings Chaos (Lunatic)

In this Lunatic Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod, you have to take part in the battle with Monika to the accompaniment of the famous song Chaos. Remastered and Corrupted versions are coming soon. A lot of new things have been introduced here, so it will be extremely interesting for you to understand all the innovations.

In FNF Monika sings Chaos (Lunatic) game, Girlfriend will sit between musical rivals and listen to the singing of a loved one. She acts as the jury and ultimately decides who wins. It will be extremely difficult for you to perform all kinds of songs and remixes. They became very fast even for true professionals in this game. In order for the gameplay to go right, you will need to hit the arrows on your keyboard accurately and in time, because this will help defeat your opponent who is trying to win the musical battle.

FNF Monika sings Chaos (Lunatic)
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