FNF MettaMania

In FNF MettaMania mod, you will control a guy with an oriental appearance who will fight against a computer with musical abilities. It will be a difficult musical duel, because artificial intelligence is very smart and it will be almost impossible to defeat it in such a competition.

In FNF MettaMania mod you will see two extraordinary characters who will rap to cheerful music, competing for the title of the best performer. The guy's vocals will be very pleasant, and the computer will make electronic sounds through its speakers. Its light monitor will flash at a very high speed because the voltage during the FNF game will increase every second. If you are rooting for the guy, then you will need to put in a lot of effort to catch all the moving arrows. We cannot allow artificial intelligence to defeat a living person, so that a tragedy does not occur on the entire planet.

FNF MettaMania
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