FNF Metallic Dissatisfaction (Metal Sonic)

In FNF, Metal Sonic examines his hands and tries to figure out who he is in this life. He is in despair, because, unlike him, everything around is alive. He is tormented by doubts that in this world someone needs him. Metal Sonic will sing a sad song, trying to figure out what's going on.

FNF Metallic Dissatisfaction mod will sound a cool melody, under which this hedgehog (Metal Sonic) will chirp with a surprised and thoughtful face. His life is not like the lives of other characters, because this robot was created in a laboratory. Instead of a heart, he has a reactor that activates all the controls. This distinguishes him from a living being, so this character is very upset by these facts.

FNF Metallic Dissatisfaction (Metal Sonic)
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